Process Discovery

Discover your true as-is processes, with zero manual input

Understanding the way your business actually works is the first step for any improvement. Agilon Process Discovery uses data from IT systems to automatically create interactive charts for any process. Always up to date, for any subset, with unlimited detail.

Process Discovery



Reduce time and resources required for process mapping up to 90% and refresh maps in seconds


Drill down and filter to see the exact process for any department, region, product or team


By using actual system data and logs, Agilon removes the input bias inherent in user interviews

Use Cases

Change Management

Organizational change projects, such IT system implementations or upgrades, mergers & acquisitions or process redesign, require a comprehensive understanding of the starting point. Process discovery is the quickest way to generate up to date charts with the detail and accuracy required to plan and prioritize change efforts. 

Value chain mapping

The major source of operational inefficiencies is often found in gaps between more or less siloed departments.  Value chain mapping aims to uncover the full sequence of events required to complete a transaction, regardless of where and by whom they are performed. Process discovery is a great help in visualizing any gaps or efficiency drops when responsibility passes between departments or systems.


Automation is often the best route to increasing operational performance, but it can’t be deployed in the dark. Knowing which process steps that are ripe for automation and which ones that still require the flexibility of the human brain is the difference maker between successful automation initiatives and wasted money. Process Discovery reveals exactly how structured, and therefore ready for automation, a specific activity is.