Process Monitoring

Optimize long term process efficiency with early detection of new bottlenecks

Change is inevitable. No matter how well designed the process, incremental changes like employee turnover, updated product assortments or new business models often change the conditions radically. This introduces new sources of deviation and potential bottlenecks as time passes. Continuous process monitoring and deviation detection is the key to staying on top of these changes and  optimizing operational performance for the long term.

Process Monitoring En



Optimize utilization of available resources by ensuring that the organization follows best practice


Throughput capacity is much easier to predict when processes are executed as intended


Harmonized workflows bring harmonized outcomes. Reduce deviations by spotting them before they take root.

Use Cases


Continuous Improvement

Business processes never stand still for long, so treating them as one-off projects leads to steady degeneration. Process monitoring is a critical tool for the maintenance and compliance auditing of operational processes. Agilon can track and highlight any deviations as soon as they arise, allowing you to take early action where it matters.

Business system maintenance

A lot of thought and effort is usually invested in the design and configuration of business systems and applications, such as ERP, SCM or CRM solutions., but very little on ensuring that they are used efficiently. By monitoring the actual process execution and flows, you can maximize the value generated by your system investments.


Quality Management

Consistent quality of delivered products and services is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. Process monitoring allows you to understand true root cause behind any deviations, whether related to inputs, execution or both.