Process Analysis

Understand the true root causes behind any deviation or bottleneck

There is often hundreds of potential process improvement initiatives to launch at any point, so understanding which ones have the greatest ROI potential is crucial for prioritization. Agilon Process Analytics reveals the real root causes behind any process issue and the possible gains of any improvement, allowing you to focus on the changes that will truly make a difference.

Process Analysis En



Analyze by cost or leadtime to eliminate internal bottlenecks and reduce operational expenses

Customer Satisfaction

Focus on delivery precision, quality or feedback measures to delight and retain customers


Ensure that any improvement initiative or change project targets the most costly problems

Use Cases

Operational Excellence

Target improvement initiatives with surgical precision by understanding exactly where the root cause lies. Prioritize which initiatives to launch by measuring the impact of any deviation on any metric. Spend less time finding problems and more time fixing them.


Automation is often the best route to increasing operational performance, but it can’t be deployed in the dark. Knowing which processes and variations that have the most to gain from automation is the key to successful implementations. Process analysis highlights the specific steps or sequences that are most error prone or take the longest to complete manually.