Lindab supply chain pilot case

Lindab supply chain pilot case

Agilon and Lindab have signed an agreement to test Agilon’s Process Intelligence solution. Using Agilon, Lindab can visualise their entire Supply Chain process as well as identify and fully understand the root causes behind bottlenecks or process deviations. In a first phase Agilon’s Process Intelligence Solution will be evaluated in 2 of the 31 countries Lindab operate in. If the evaluation is successful, the intention is to start using Agilon globally, providing full Visibility & Control of Lindab’s entire value chain and thereby support Lindab with their Continuous Improvement initiatives across their regions. Agilon will also play a part in Lindab’s current migration from Microsoft AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 by identifying potential process gaps between the two systems. Throughout the project Agilon will work very closely with Microsoft as a partner, ensuring that the integrations for both Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AX are verified and reusable for future Microsoft AX and Dynamics projects.

“At Lindab we do supply chain analysis on a regular basis and we will initially use Agilon’s system to validate and get a deeper understanding of our process. In addition, we get the possibility to continuously review and improve the logistic flow. We will also investigate if we can review and compare the distribution processes in Microsoft Ax and Dynamics 365.”, says Dag Jarlson, Strategic Logistic Manager at Lindab.

”We are so thankful to work together with both Lindab and Agilon and provide the infrastructure for the process intelligence solution”, says Sofia Svensk Karlsson, Account Executive at Microsoft. “The collaboration is a school book example to drive tangible business improvements and will serve as the foundation for being able to create even smarter and intelligent solutions going forward”

“I could not be happier about a Process Intelligence collaboration than this one”, says Peter Selberg, CEO of Agilon. “As a global company with a complex and fast moving Supply Chain, Lindab is the perfect candidate for illustrating the value of using Agilon for logistics and distribution processes. Thanks to Microsoft’s involvement we also have the perfect partner to help make this solution scalable and available for thousands of organizations aiming to improve operational performance or speed up their digitalisation journey”.

About Agilon

Agilon is a cloud service for process monitoring and improvement. By analysing data from operational IT systems, Agilon automatically visualizes process flows, identifies deviations and bottlenecks and provides quantified improvement suggestions. To find out more, visit www.agilon.io or get in touch at info@agilon.io.