Process intelligence for order management

As the key value driver and revenue stream for most businesses, the order management process is a natural starting point for process improvement initiatives. Since even a small positive nudge will result in significant benefits, this is often the most straight-forward business case to build. Challenges Getting the right products to the right place in

What is Process Intelligence?

Like we need another buzzword to keep track of, right? New business terms are way too often introduced just as a way to repackage some existing concept or functionality just to be able to charge more for it. But Process Intelligence is so much more than that – it is a new way of attacking

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Why Process Intelligence is a critical addition to the…

We have all felt the hype around the digital and data driven organisation. Analytics has ridden this wave to become standard business practice under one or more of it’s several buzzword mantles – Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Corporate Performance Management etc. This is great news, because decisions based on data are better decisions. But the