POTENCI Partnership

Agilon Partners with POTENCI to offer Cloud-Based Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) Solution for Sales Agilon, an innovative, cloud-based process intelligence company, has signed a deal with POTENCI, a sales performance intelligence solution provider (SPI), to develop, sell and support a new ABPD solution for sales. This will allow Agilon and POTENCI to increase their


Lindab supply chain pilot case

Agilon and Lindab have signed an agreement to test Agilon’s Process Intelligence solution. Using Agilon, Lindab can visualise their entire Supply Chain process as well as identify and fully understand the root causes behind bottlenecks or process deviations. In a first phase Agilon’s Process Intelligence Solution will be evaluated in 2 of the 31 countries


The DNA of a perfect process intelligence case

There are so many potential areas that can benefit from process intelligence and success stories from many different industries and processes. Because of this, it can be difficult to understand what the prerequisites are for a strong business case. In this article we try to dissect the ever-growing reference base and identify the core components

Order Management

Process intelligence for order management

As the key value driver and revenue stream for most businesses, the order management process is a natural starting point for process improvement initiatives. Since even a small positive nudge will result in significant benefits, this is often the most straight-forward business case to build. Challenges Getting the right products to the right place in

Process Intelligence

What is Process Intelligence?

Like we need another buzzword to keep track of, right? New business terms are way too often introduced just as a way to repackage some existing concept or functionality just to be able to charge more for it. But Process Intelligence is so much more than that – it is a new way of attacking