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Data driven process intelligence - the shortcut to operational improvement


Agilon visualizes process flows and finds deviations and bottlenecks.

It’s all automatic, based on data from your operational systems, so you always have accurate and up to date process charts.

Smart, right? That’s why we call it Process Intelligence

Business Alignment

With a single version of the truth, process improvement can be based on data instead of biased opinions

Shorter Time to Action

Faster improvement cycles as the time from deviation to detection is much reduced

Continuous improvement

Measure the impact of any improvement initiative and stay on top with early detection of new problems


  • Visualize end-to-end process flows with zero manual input
  • Quantified and color coded to display volume or frequency of any activity
  • Filter and drill down to any unit, product, customer or attribute
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  • Find deviations and bottlenecks
  • See their impact on key metrics
  • Get actionable insights on workflow improvements


  • Stay on top with continuous process monitoring
  • Early detection of emerging problems
  • Track changes over time and validate the effect of any improvement initiatives
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Power BI Integration

Agilon natively integrates with Microsoft Power BI. Leverage the market leading analytics platform to create beautiful reports and dashboards. Publish and share insights with anyone in the organization, on desktop, web and mobile

use cases

Order Management

Delight customers and accountants alike by delivering the right stuff at the right time. Find root causes for delays and increase your handling capacity, regardless of how complex your sourcing is


Tame the supply chain by identifying procurement bottlenecks, steer sourcing to the most reliable channels and avoiding maverick buying. Capture the value of cash discounts and supplier agreements

Service Delivery

Turn customer problems into opportunities by providing the right services at the right time. Reduce costs by identifying and removing value leaks and increase customer satisfaction and revenue by optimizing SLA levels

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